Global blockchain based BGV Marketplace

What Makes us different

   Quinfy has been conceptualized as a first single global blockchain-Marketplace for background verification  to verify digital identities though stored, verified and validated data from trusted sources.  


HR Experts

We are well-versed in a variety of operating systems, networks, and databases. We use this expertise to help our customers with a variety of small to mid-sized projects


Blockchain Champions

Using blockchain we can make sure there are verifiable provenance of what is entered into the platform by whom, to whom, when and where within the verification network. we are setting up a trusted network that allows that different parties to store information knowing that only authorized members can see it and the information can’t be altered once it’s been entered.


Talent Risk Mitigation

Security of data and hiring the correct talent is the key in today's business scenario. Talent risk is rated very high by all global leaders. We have created this platform to help Candidates a well employers to know the correct information.

Meet the Leaders


Aashish Singh - CEO

Aashish has been recognized as the ‘Global HR leader’ at the World HRD Congress and ‘HR Leadership Award’ at Global HR Excellence Awards for bringing sweeping improvements in reducing the talent gap and creating an EVP for the organisation. 

An engineer himself has taken this mandate to develop  a Blockchain based solution 


Partha Sarathi Barman- COO

Partha Sarathi Barman, has more than 18 years of HR experience and is conversant with developing employee career and training frame work, Workforce management, capability building, Succession Planning, Talent Management, Policy and Grade structure re-designing. He has in-depth understanding of HR audit, compliance and development framework for risk Management.


Suvarna Singh-CCO

A post graduate in English literature, she is a serial entrepreneur having founded HRLogica. She has vast experience  in the field of product lifecycle and Client relations. She is also spearheading Quinfy's Investor Relations.